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Chonan! (Kurdish Hello, folks) We are excited to show you live examples of the subject matter in our talk from 2019's Google AMP conference. Check it out below, and get in touch for any questions. Contact information is avaialable at

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Language switching!

Language is one of the most fundamental boundaries for many war-impacted people, who often have the least access to English-learning institutions.

language English عربي
format_textdirection_l_to_r format_textdirection_r_to_l
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And yes, this scales elegantly. We have had success with full-site implementation of this. You can opt to write a function to output the binding, or hard-write it into each p, span, button, or other HTML element.

AMP listing whenever possible!

Using <amp-list> you can easily process forms, load page content, and more without forcing a refresh of the page. Also, less content is ultimately sent over bandwith — and any interruption to the network results in a graceful error message so that the user can try again later.

AMP form responsiveness

By using <amp-form> you gain a component that brings you close to production quality. With built-in handling for error messages and an approach that transmits content without forcing a page refresh, using <amp-form> provides a more elegant approach that benefits people whose connections may be severely disrupted.